Loudmouth Adds to Design Collection With “Greatest Hits” Shorts

Loudmouth is one of the coolest brands in all of golf, and they definitely kicked it up a notch with this colorful pair of shorts.

Loudmouth Golf has become one of the hippest companies in the history of the game. Their famous colorful and distinctive design patterns make them an instant favorite with younger audiences.

One of their new patterns is the “Greatest Hits” design, which is a combination of some of their favorite styles. You can see a picture of them in my tweet below:

As you can tell by the tweet, I like the shorts. They are a comfortable fit, obviously stylish and will make you stand out on the golf course.

It’s probably the most colorful pair of shorts that Loudmouth has ever put out. They have sort of a cool SpongeBob SquarePants look to them.

Having a cool, comfortable pair of pants will help you swing solidly and without interruption. How you move your lower body is just as important as how you use your upper body, if not more.

Your lower body is what allows you to generate power. Notice how basketball players jump when they shoot?

That’s because when they use their legs to jump, it allows them to generate power, making it easier to hit those three-pointers. Same thing with golf — if you aren’t using your lower body effectively, you’re probably not going to hit it far.

That’s the importance of having a good pair of shorts or pants. And if you look good while wearing them, then that’s even better, and Loudmouth does a good job of that.

Sure, some might think Loudmouth is just a place for style, but it’s more than that. These are high-quality performance shorts that keep you cool and relaxed during your round.

Don’t worry about finding  a matching shirt, because anything goes great with these shorts — another reason why they’re awesome. Due to their unique blend of colors, a shirt that combines with any of the design elements will look good.

As mentioned, they are great for younger audiences. If you think golf clothing is boring, then you haven’t discovered Loudmouth yet.

These shorts are just one of many cool designs available. As the golf world looks to steer itself towards the new generation of fans and players, Loudmouth continues to grow as a brand.

These “Greatest Hits” shorts are a testament to Loudmouth’s previous success. An artistic look at all of their past designs speaks volumes about the growth of the company and how far it has come.

Although Loudmouth is known mostly for their pants and shorts, they carry numerous other items, including hoodies, sport coats and even grips for your clubs. But with these new shorts, the hip golf brand is continuing to make the great sport of golf even more fun than it already is. They bring the “cool” factor that a lot of us are begging for the sport to have.

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