Golf Course Review: Is this the most beautiful driving range in the world?

Mandatory Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports /

Golf courses are full of amazing photographic moments. The game never ceases to amaze us with its visual delights, and Kawaguchiko Country Club gives us a particularly special one.

One of the great things about the game is the beautiful golf courses we get to play and see. However, how about the driving ranges? Certainly there are some nice ones such as the one at Chelsea Piers in New York.

Then there’s the range at my home golf course of Randall Oaks Golf Club, where I took my first ever swing with a golf club (totally being biased). Ranges are a great way to enjoy the sport we love and, at the same time, work on different shot types.

But, there’s one range in particular that you should put on your “place to practice” list: Kawaguchiko Country Club is a jaw-dropper.

How about having Mt. Fuji as your backdrop as you shank drives? Take a look, just don’t drool on your keyboard or phone screen.

Not only do you get to take in one of the world’s most amazing mountains, you also are in seclusion among the trees. Places like this don’t seem real sometimes, and the game often takes us to near-otherworldly beautiful views.

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This particular vista reminds me of a fantasy course in one of the Tiger Woods video games, “Emerald Dragon Golf Club.”  Like Kawaguchiko, the track features stunning views of Mt. Fuji in the background, as well as Japanese castles.

This stunning view, and how well-manicured the range looks, could make Kawaguchiko the best practice facility in the world.

Sure, it may be easy for us to say top golf courses such as Augusta National, Pine Valley or Cypress Point have the best ranges. But, it’s not often you can enjoy such an iconic piece of nature for your practicing backdrop. Think about it like this; how cool would your tee shot look, as it soars through the air, as if it’s reaching the mountain itself?

It may seem like I’m exaggerating a bit, but this place is a prime example of how golf blends natural beauty and adventure. Don’t sleep on how awesome driving ranges can be.

When we go to places, we always look for the golf courses. But, you should check out the ranges and soak them in, because you never know what kind of gem you will discover.

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Any thoughts on Kawaguchiko and its driving range? What are some of the most stunning ranges you’ve played on? Let us know in the comments or let me know on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio. Also, keep it locked here for at PGN for more golf course stories.