Could Zurich Classic Open Doors for a more spirited team event?

May 1, 2017; Avondale, LA, USA; The Zurich Classic championship trophy presentation after the sudden-death playoff at TPC Louisiana. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
May 1, 2017; Avondale, LA, USA; The Zurich Classic championship trophy presentation after the sudden-death playoff at TPC Louisiana. Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

The Zurich Classic format turned out to be a success. Could it open doors for an even more marketable team event in the future?

The Zurich Classic proved to be . . .well, a classic. With the new format and drama throughout the tournament, team Jonas Blixt/Cameron Smith came out victorious after Kevin Kisner hit one of the best shots of the year to force a playoff.

So, with the success of the Zurich Classic, could this open some doors to a deeper, spirited type of team event? Teams are a major aspect in the sports world, and a new team event was refreshing in golf.

We do have the Ryder Cup, which is one of the best sporting events in the world. However, it’s every other year, and same goes for the President’s Cup.

I’m not saying that every event should be team based. In a way, when you think about it, golf is a team sport with golfers and caddies strategizing their way to victory. However, if there is at least one team event that can be more marketable, that could take team golf to a whole new level. Fans love teams, and colors and such.

Marketable teams could fuel a new fandom never seen before in golf other than the Ryder and President’s Cup.

To have two to four teams duel it out for golf supremacy would be great. No, this wouldn’t be about country pride. I visualize an event where there are  four teams, let’s say, each with their own unique names (Vipers for example). The rosters could be filled out in the form of a draft, or based on maybe the top FedEx Cup leaders. These are just ideas for filling out the teams.

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Maybe there can be a fan vote. The only problem with that would be the fear that the same players get voted in every year based on popularity, not current play.

But, to be able to have teams that are marketable is good for the PGA Tour. People will see the team colors, names and logos and think they look dope.

As I may have mentioned in a previous story, people love attaching themselves to their sports. Sometimes it can be difficult to make that connection with a player in an individual sport. Having some teams with real names and slick clothing could reel in some new fans. They would have something new to attach themselves to in golf.

They can say that they have a favorite golf team. Certainly, you can have a team golf league, but with so many pro tours, it could clog up the world of golf. So, having these teams play in one tournament on the PGA Tour would be fine. It would four days like normal, so fans can experience the team golf action in 98 awesome hours.

A team event under the stars looking down above could make things more interesting.

If you really want to intensify the action, have the event at a course that features lights. This would surely cause traditionalists to faint in terror, but there’s no need to fear. It’s still golf. The only difference is that it’s a team event with organized squads, and the course would be illuminated by the hanging lights.

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It might be good for the players too, who are always playing under the hot sun. Playing in cool, crisp air may have golfers even more laser focused.

But, this doesn’t have to be done. It can be played in the daylight like usual. It would just include the “cool” factor into the imaginary once a year event. A lot of fans may certainly say it’s a gimmick, but I disagree.

It’s not a desperate plea to make golf cooler than what it is. It’s just a fun way to showcase the game’s ridiculously deep versatility.

As the fire of the Zurich Classic’s historic format change fades for this year, it could inspire a new way to bring fans closer golf than ever. Having another team event, filled with excitement and intensity, might be what the PGA Tour ordered.

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What were your thoughts on the new team format at the Zurich Classic? Do you think another team event should be included on the schedule? Let us know in the comments section or follow me on Twitter @ChiGolfRadio