Golf video games: 5 you should play right now

Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /
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2. Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

Another PC-only golf video game that continues to rise in the ranks of the gaming world, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf will satisfy your simulation needs. The Golden Bear’s name alone is an intriguing asset for the realistic game.

When you play, you’ll know it’s all purely golf and the realism of the game is second to none. Plus, there’s a deep course designer called “Course Forge” which allows players to make anything they want from scratch.

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It’s always a joy to see what these artists come up with to enhance the game. Perfect Parallel, the development team behind JNPG also adds real world courses periodically. Among others, they included Congressional and Bethesda Country Club. So, not only do you get to experience a real world golfing experience, but you can play on authentic courses while playing on others’ course creations.

Things like this make Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf a great game to play right now. It’s worthy of our top 20 golf video games of the 2000’s list, but since it came out just a year ago, it’s still a fresh game.

There are also ways to implement external aspects into the game such as equipment and having your own tournaments. So, if you have a golf community or club in the real world, you can create a tournament for your club in the game.

The rich customization, solid graphics and realistic gameplay make Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf an excellent choice for the hardcore golf video gamer.