PGA Tour 2K21: What should be added to next years game

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 08: Jordan Spieth of the United States watches Justin Thomas of the United States putt on the 14th green during the third round of the 2020 PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park on August 08, 2020 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 08: Jordan Spieth of the United States watches Justin Thomas of the United States putt on the 14th green during the third round of the 2020 PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park on August 08, 2020 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

PGA Tour 2K21 was a much-anticipated game this year, in large part to the long layoff from golf games. Here are some ideas to make the game better for next year.

I know that I wasn’t the only one that was excited when I heard that PGA Tour 2K21 was going to be happening. We had gone so long without a golf game, that just about anything they put out was going to make me happy.

I’m not here to trash on the game. Well, not anymore at least. I already did that.

Instead, I want to focus on ways that they could make the game better. Looking into what they could insert the game in order to make it more fun, stronger, and a more well-rounded game.

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Here are some of my ideas on how to improve the next iteration of PGA Tour 2K21.

Quit with the constant internet connection

One of the issues I had with PGA Tour 2K21 was that whenever you tried to do anything in my career, was that it was constantly connected to the internet. Yes, you want that mode connected to online. Limit the connectivity though. It should be active if you are searching for courses or looking at reviews of the ones you are about to play.

Where we don’t need it is when you are trying to look at new apparel or clothes for your player. This should be a more seamless experience, one that isn’t bogged down by a constant back and forth with the server. Which leads me to my next suggestion.

Apparel and Equipment should actually do something

Part of the fun of creating a player is watching them improve. Starting with a low-level player, challenging yourself in events with someone who is clearly less talented than the professionals in the field, and building them up.

I remember this fondly from some of the old Tiger Woods video games. You started off hitting 230 off the tee and weren’t very good with any of your clubs. No spin on your shots, a struggle to control the ball flight, and an easier chance at messing up from everywhere on the course.

As you placed in tournaments and earned money, you could buy skill points, apparel that had skill bonuses, or equipment that was stronger and stronger. Those TP5X or Prov1 golf balls that you want? They are going to be top of the line and way down the line. The same goes for the killer Tag Heuer watch, the set of Nike gear, or the TW hat you know you have always wanted to rep on the course.

Have these items assist in the strength of your golfer. Do you want to be the best? You better earn the money and then spend it to look and represent the best.

Rivals Mode

Rivals mode is a great idea. Say you start off with Cameron Champ? You better drive the ball over 330 once during the round, and average over 305 off the tee. Something like that. Even add in a couple of holes where they showcase Champ off the tee on a hole you are at. “Champ went 322 here… in order to gain on him in your rivals chase, you need to beat that number”.

You could do this with plenty of players. Nail fairways against Furyk. Dial-in wedges against Simpson. Score -8 or better against Thomas. Shoot 58 against Scheffler… okay, that last one is a little ridiculous, unless you are on the easy difficulty.

There could be more to it as well. Play a skins game against your rival to gain extra ground on them. Make bets against certain aspects of play against them to gain ground. Think you can outdrive Beefy Bryson? Wager Rivals points on it. If you are telling me that you couldn’t get a handful of pros to lend their voices to the game, I would tell you that you’re wrong.

Challenges Mode

You see this is nearly all of the other sports games. Re-live certain challenges, not just from the previous season, but from throughout history. Not just playing them to see if you can replicate it though… have ones where you are trying to change history. Take this year at the Tour Championship. You head into the final round as Justin Thomas (or whoever is on next year’s cover, if it isn’t Dustin Johnson), and you have to try and catch and pass DJ.

Not just events either. Want that new 60 degree Zip Core wedge that has crazy spin? You need to hit eight of ten shots from 75 yards within a 10-foot window. Want Dustin Johnson’s seven-wood? You need to find a ton of fairways, or hit greens from 230 out. Phil’s favorite wedge? Flop shot challenge. Tiger’s Scotty Cameron putter? 22 putts or less in a round.

There are a ton of challenges that you could implement that would make the game a blast.

Competitive Friends Mode

My last idea is implementing some kind of more competitive challenge mode for you and your friends. Bring back the mode where if you lose a hole, you get to take any club other than a putter from your opponent. Be able to play Career Mode with them, watching their ghost shots if they have already played. There are so many golf side games out there, you could put in more content here than the entirety of the PGA Tour 2K21 game had on its own.

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There is so much to be improved in the golf game, that I can only hope they add some of these in. If next year is anything like this year, I won’t be buying. If these get added in though, you will see me first in line (well, pre-ordered and pre-downloaded) to buy a golf game.