Hoodies on the Golf Course: It should be Completely Acceptable

Back in October 2020 at the BMW Championship, Tyrrell Hatton sparked an internet firestorm by doing something that struck deep into the hearts of golfing purists and old-time fans of the game… he wore a hoodie.

It wasn’t just that Tyrrell Hatton wore a hoodie while warming up, or even for a part of his round. He wore them for the entirety of the tournament. Oh… he also won the tournament, but who wants to talk about that (heavy sarcasm).

In case you aren’t hip to the vernacular, something I find myself going further away from by the day, so I understand, a hoodie is a shortened way of saying a hooded sweatshirt. After Hatton wore his, we saw more and more players start to wear them.

The hoodie is the newest “fashion” challenge to come into professional golf. We also saw some players wearing joggers earlier this year, a mix of sweatpants and nice pants, that have elastic around the ankle to keep them from getting dirty, and ride a little high, showing off your ankle.

Should players be allowed to wear hoodies? Should you wear one when you play? I say yes, and emphatically so.

I’m a big proponent of being comfortable with your golf swing. Find what feels right and helps you produce good results. You don’t need a cookie-cutter swing to win tournaments.

The same can be said for how you dress on the course. Especially when it isn’t warm out. Trying to layer up correctly, while still being able to swing the club isn’t always easy. A hoodie is a masterful solution for that. They are usually a bit loose, meaning you can throw some layers on underneath, and still have ample room to move around and not be too confined. You can also grab a tighter hoodie, and throw something rainproof over it.

There is an added benefit to the hoodie, and it’s one that golfers in cold weather definitely struggle with. Keeping your neck, ears, and head in general warm. Yes, a beanie helps, and you can pair it with the hoodie if you want. Having the hoodie bridge that gap so there is no uncovered part from your shoulders to the top of your head not only helps you stay warm, but it’s comforting as well.

You also don’t need to go drop $150 on a hoodie. If you do, chances are we won’t ever be on the same golf course. Your wage bracket is miles above mine. You can find a ton of good options for much cheaper, and they are likely more comfortable and will keep you warmer.

Also, are you kidding me golf.com? These are your choices for hoodies? Your bargain one is $100. What is wrong with you. I can browse the internet for five minutes and find you better deals… like the ones below!

If you want to support a small business, look no further than some of the options over at Diest Designs. Ran from their home, they don’t have a lot of the expenses big companies do, meaning you aren’t just getting gear that is great quality, you are getting it at a fantastic price at just thirty bucks. Send them a message and let them know you’re interested, you can even get one custom made!

Many people don’t realize, you can get much better deals on golf stuff by staying away from golf sites and your local pro shop. Head over to Dick’s and grab a nice single color Nike sweatshirt, for a respectable $50.

One of my favorite places to get crazy good deals is over at Rockbottomgolf.com. They run all sorts of deals year round, and I have used them a fair amount of times and have yet to be disappointed. They have zip-ups and pullover hoodies, including a nice looking Puma one for all you Rickie Fowler fans. You may run into size limitations, but you can still find great deals.

Adidas (you know, like the one Hatton wore) has a nice zip-up for $70. Or, get one similar to Hatton for under $50. Again, Golf.com, be better.

Lastly, if you want to stick with a “golf” sire, I’ve got you covered there as well. Head on over to the golf warehouse, or TGW.com, and you can find both Adidas and Nike, although (surprise) they are a bit more expensive.

Yes, you should be wearing a hoodie on the golf course if you want to. Yes, the pros should too. No, you don’t need to spend $150 on one, save that money for the course. Now go out there and ring in the new year on the course… wearing a hoodie.