Two-Time Major Winner Angel Cabrera Sentenced to Prison

Angel Cabrera, two-time major winner, was sentenced to two years in prison in his home country of Argentina on Wednesday. He was found guilty of assaulting his former partner, according to the Associated Press.

Cabrera has reportedly denied the charges, and has began serving his sentence after being in court in Cordoba, Argentina. Cabrera has been accused of assaulting and threatening his former partner Cecilia Torres Mana.

This is not the first time Angel Cabrera has been accused of assault, however. His ex-wife, Silva Rivadero and Michaela Escudero, another former partner, have also accused him of assaulting them.

There is clearly a pattern of behavior here. I’m not an expert in behavioral studies or psychology, but to me there are multiple red flags when it comes to Cabrera’s behavior.

He wouldn’t be accused by three different partners if there wasn’t a bigger issue here. Cabrera definitely has a problem.

Prosecutor Laura Battistelli says the same thing, “His situation is much more complex than this, he has other charges for which there are arrest warrants too. There are other victims,”. Battistelli suggests that more charges are on the horizon, and could keep him in jail for longer than the two years he’s already been sentenced to.

Angel Cabrera had dazzled in the past, winning the 2007 US Open at Oakmont and the 2009 Masters. His last win came at the 2014 Greenbrier Classic. He hasn’t played a PGA Tour event since the 2019 Masters, missing the cut.

He had played in nine tournaments on the Champions Tour, not yielding any great results with his best finish coming at The Ally Challenge at T27th.

At this point it’s hard to imagine him playing on either tour ever again. Of course,  he does have a lifetime exemption to The Masters, being a champion of Augusta. Something tells me he’ll be a no-show at the Champions Dinner next year.

He’ll turn 52 years old in September, and not playing on tour at all this year, combined with a two year prison sentence and impending other charges that might keep him there longer, I do believe we’ve seen the last of Angel Cabrera on any golf course. Hopefully he can get his life together and get the help he clearly needs.