JT, Max Homa, Will Zalatoris Wear Youth-Designed Shoes

Sometimes, it’s all about the shoes.  This week, Justin Thomas, Max Homa and Will Zalatoris are wearing some pretty special Footjoy golf shoes at the WGC-FedEx St. Jude. Each was custom-designed by a St. Jude patient based on input from things the players like and things the youngsters like.  The designs wrap the shoes from the laces along the saddle and even include the heel.

Since FedEx is a delivery company, two pair of the shoes were delivered by FedEx on site at the tournament, and one was delivered remotely.

All FootJoy players who are in the WGC FedEx St. Jude will wear shoes with similar designs honoring St. Jude Hospital which specializes in research and treatment of childhood cancer.  St. Jude is the main beneficiary of funds raised by the tournament.

Justin Thomas’ new shoes were designed by Nate. They were delivered robotically to both of them on site, by Roxo the same-day delivery bot.  The shoes feature slices of a pizza with pepperoni and plenty of cheese dripping off the slice plus Nate’s name.

“Those are sick!” Thomas exclaimed as Nate opened the shoebox. “ Nobody’s ever been upset seeing some pizza.”

There was also a pizza for Nate in the delivery.

During his meet-up with Thomas, Nate went to the range at TPC Southwind to watch Thomas hit balls, and Thomas autographed a pair of shoes from last year’s design, which also included pizza, for Nate.

Will Zalatoris had a delivery from Calvin C. made by a FedEx employee. They featured a design incorporating golf, a hippo and the ocean because Calvin C. likes to go to the beach.

Max Homa and his designer, Calvin S., revealed Homa’s shoes via video conference.

Homa’s right shoe has several peace signs and a palm tree on the saddle and quotes that said “Motivation is Key” and “You see that smile right there? You keep that smile!” which are Calvin’s sayings.  The right shoe also has Homa’s favorite number, 25, on the back of the shoe.

Homa’s left shoe has a basketball on one side of the saddle and a football on the other, “I love St. Jude” with a heart on the outside of the shoe and French fries and chicken nuggets on the inside of the shoe plus Calvin S’s favorite number, 23, on the heel.

The shoe design for St. Jude program is a collaboration FedEx, St. Jude, Footjoy and PGA Tour players who represent Footjoy.