Radmor, Stony Wilds, and Rhoback – Golf brands you need to know.

Golf Apparel, Dick's House of Sport,Syndication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel
Golf Apparel, Dick's House of Sport,Syndication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel /

As we all know, golf is a lifestyle these days. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of golf-focused brands selling every type of golf gear and clothing item imaginable.

Some are good, some are still searching for the right formula.

Below are three of my favorite golf brands you need to know about.

They are all making high-quality products for golfers.

These brands have embraced the idea that a product has to work on the course before it enters your regular rotation off it.

All three share an attention to detail that highlights their commitment to quality and the specific needs of golfers. Without further ado, get familiar with these three brands which you may not currently know.


First, Radmor has one of the best logos in golf – a little ball peeking out of a golf hole. This brand takes pride in using recycled materials and the end product is top quality.

I specifically love their FIVE-O knit performance shorts. It’s a heavy jersey knit fabric that might be the most comfortable golf shorts you ever wear. Unlike other jersey knit shorts and shirts, this material has some weight to it that creates clean lines while maintaining incredible flexibility and breathability.

The zipper and placket in front lay flat, and the 8-inch inseam is long enough for golf, but really shines as an everyday short. The waistband retains its shape and the front button is solidly integrated so there will never be a busted button.

This is the kind of short where you get one color and find yourself thinking, “I might as well just get every color. I want to wear these every day.”

Their shirts feature a spread collar that lays flat and stays off your neck and chin. Even after washing, the collar retains its form and look. Golfers will note this isn’t always the case with flimsy collars from other brands.

There are plenty of designs from traditional to retro styling. Get as conservative or wild as you like, there’s something for everyone. The Pima cotton and elastane material moves with you but keeps its clean lines.

I found the fit to be a nice mix of athletic and stylish – no baggy sleeve or cellophane-thin material here. This shirt is up for the course or the town any day of the week.

Stony Wilds

This Canadian brand embraces its northern roots with another great logo and designs that match. The bear with the pine tree mane is (as a marketing guy) one of my favorite in golf. If you live or play in the mountains – from North Carolina to the Salish Sea – this is a brand that speaks your language.

The colors are muted, but the designs are fun. Blue, grey, and stone colors serve as the base to designs featuring fish, birds, plants, and insects. Yeah, it may sound a little weird, but the end products are modern and surprisingly understated. Everyone will find a Stony Wilds polo they like.

I’m particularly fond of the headwear. Featuring two very cool logo designs, the Ursus and the Jackpine hats are going to be your new favorites. Made with activity in mind, they wick sweat and retain their shape. That’s a winning combination for golfers who want to look nice and keep cool on and off the course.


You like dogs, right? Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs.

Kidding aside, Rhoback is a great-looking clothing brand that is made for golf but wears just as well away from the course.

Rhoback has something for everyone. Stripes, prints, or solids - Rhoback has a golf shirt to suit every taste. All are made with a stay-put collar, tagless, and a little stretch. These details are important to golfers and Rhoback gets it.

I really like the little flag stripe at the rear of the collar. Not only is it a great branding hook, but it also adds a bit of fun and uniqueness to each garment.

If you are like me and live in a quarter zip, Rhoback may be your little piece of heaven. They have a ton of great-looking Q-zips in every color you can imagine. All feature the dog logo and the cool stripe at the back of the collar. There may not be another golf brand with a better selection of colors and styles in quarter zips.

True to their brand, they also sell dog bandanas that will help your best friend up his or her game this summer.

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