You will never guess who Tiger Woods' latest swing coach is

It appears that the pair of eyes Tiger Woods trusts most on his swing come from within the family.
Tiger Woods, Charlie Woods - 2024 US Open - Pinehurst No.2
Tiger Woods, Charlie Woods - 2024 US Open - Pinehurst No.2 / Ross Kinnaird/GettyImages

As the U.S. Open is about to get underway at Pinehurst, it appears that Tiger Woods has a new swing coach helping him out. No, it is not Butch Harmon or Sean Foley. This time, it appears that Tiger's son Charlie is the person Tiger trusts most with his swing.

You will never guess who Tiger Woods' latest swing coach is

The post below comes via Gabby Herzig on the social media platform X:

Charlie was out on the course and grounds alongside his father on Monday in the star-studded practice round pairing of Woods, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Rickie Fowler. As Herzig notes, Charlie was wearing a "Player Support" badge which is normally given to swing coaches. While Charlie may not be Tiger's official swing coach, it is clear that Tiger trusts his son's judgment and uses him as an extra pair of eyes to ensure his swing looks right.

This is a really cool evolution to see from Tiger. There was a time in his career when it was hot news whenever he switched swing coaches and was making a major swing change. Many have criticized him over the years for his swing tinkering, especially after he had had so much success with previous coaches like Butch Harmon.

The thing about Tiger is that he is a perfectionist. Even while he was winning the U.S. Open by 15 shots in 2000, he was still thinking of ways to improve and try to get better. That is what has made him such a fierce and dominant competitor over the course of his career.

However, what was really remarkable about Woods' comeback in the 2018-2019 seasons which culminated with him winning the 2019 Masters is that he did it without an official swing coach. It seems as if he may have finally realized that he knows more about his own golf swing, and perhaps just the golf swing in general, than any swing coach could ever tell him. Plus, given the nature of his back and leg injuries, he had to rework his swing in a way where he could play without pain.

That was taken to the next level after his car crash in 2021. He must now deal with even more pain and discomfort than ever before in an aging and battered body.

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He still knows his swing the best, but it is pretty awesome to see that the person he trusts most to analyze his swing and let him know when he may be a little off is his son Charlie. We will see if Charlie's advice helps Tiger make a run this week at Pinehurst.