Tiger Woods Partners with TaylorMade to Launch Sun Day Red Apparel Brand

Tiger Woods has announced the launch of his new apparel brand, Sun Day Red, in collaboration with TaylorMade, marking a departure from his longstanding partnership with Nike. The brand promises to set a new standard in performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion, embodying Woods' legacy and passion for excellence.

Tiger Woods & TaylorMade Golf Announce New Apparel and Footwear Brand “Sun Day Red”
Tiger Woods & TaylorMade Golf Announce New Apparel and Footwear Brand “Sun Day Red” / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Following the end of his partnership with Nike, Tiger Woods has embarked on a new venture, introducing his own apparel brand named "Sun Day Red" in collaboration with TaylorMade Golf. The brand's logo, featuring a tiger with 15 stripes symbolizing Woods' major championships, pays homage to his illustrious career on the golf course.

The launch of "Sun Day Red" marks a bold step for TaylorMade, expanding beyond golf equipment and signaling a significant foray into the apparel market. CEO and president David Abeles expressed immense enthusiasm for the new brand, promising an unforgettable launch event that captivated attendees and emphasized the brand's enduring legacy.

The unveiling of the fresh brand introduces a sleek and sophisticated logo design, symbolizing a new chapter in Tiger Woods' illustrious career. With passion as its driving force, the brand signifies an exciting evolution for Woods, rooted in legacy and heartfelt commitment.

As iconic Nike x Tiger Woods ads continue to resonate in sports advertising, the announcement of Woods' new brand marks a transition into an era of independent storytelling. Described on the brand's website as a venture committed to delivering an elevated standard in performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion, Woods' latest endeavor promises innovation and excellence.

"Woods' new venture promises to bring a new and elevated standard to performance wear and luxury lifestyle fashion."

The announcement of Woods' partnership with TaylorMade comes amidst a wave of anticipation, following his departure from Nike, his longtime partner. The forthcoming apparel line, set to debut on May 1, promises to offer men's apparel initially, with plans to expand to include women's and children's styles, as well as footwear.

As Woods embarks on this new chapter, the golf world eagerly anticipates the evolution of "Sun Day Red" and its potential impact on the industry.

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With his unmatched influence and enduring legacy, Tiger Woods continues to leave his mark on the world of golf and sports brand marketing, ushering in a new era of innovation and style.