Tiger Woods teases new apparel line ahead of Genesis Invitational

After his longtime partnership with Nike ended, Tiger Woods teased his new apparel ahead of the Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles.
Tiger Woods - PNC Championship
Tiger Woods - PNC Championship / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

After Nike and Tiger Woods were almost synonymous for nearly the past 30 years, the two sides ultimately ended their partnership. Ahead of the Genesis Invitational this week, Woods teased his new apparel line.

Tiger Woods teases new apparel line ahead of Genesis Invitational

There is already speculation out there that Woods' line will be called "Sunday Red" and may be part of a TaylorMade apparel brand. The logo on his glove in the photograph above appears to be the outline of a tiger.

It is unclear if this logo will appear on all of Woods' apparel such as his shirt, hat, and potentially even his shoes. No matter what it is, it will be odd because we have seen Tiger sporting Nike apparel for so long.

It is also unclear whether Tiger still retains the right to his "TW" logo that he featured on his hats and apparel. Perhaps he will still have that hat and it will be matched with the new tiger logo or perhaps he will do away with the "TW" and opt for the new logo only.

Change is always odd, especially when it occurs with something that seems so familiar. For as long as they play highlights of Tiger's career, we will remember that Nike swoosh as he fist pumps after winning the Masters in 1997, and when the ball with the Nike swoosh hung just on the edge on hole 16 at the 2005 Masters.

For every major accomplishment Woods has had as a professional, that swoosh has been there. It will be odd to see him wearing anything else, but it is just something we are going to have to get used to.

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Perhaps it is fitting that as Woods embarks on this new stage in his career, where he is playing less due to injury, he has a new logo to represent that shift. No matter what, it will take some adjusting for us all to see the Big Cat wearing something other than that iconic swoosh.