2020 Holiday Golf Gift Guide for Golfers

HONG KONG, HONG KONG - DECEMBER 07: Operation Santa Claus on the sidelines of the Pro-Am golf tournament of the 58th UBS Hong Kong Open as part of the European Tour on 07 December 2016, at the Hong Kong Golf Club, Fanling, Hong Kong, China. (Photo by Power Sport Images/Getty Images)
HONG KONG, HONG KONG - DECEMBER 07: Operation Santa Claus on the sidelines of the Pro-Am golf tournament of the 58th UBS Hong Kong Open as part of the European Tour on 07 December 2016, at the Hong Kong Golf Club, Fanling, Hong Kong, China. (Photo by Power Sport Images/Getty Images) /

It’s the holiday season and the most anticipated gift guide in golf is here again. I present you the 2020 Valentine Gold Heart Holiday Golf Gifts Guide for Golfers®.

It’s been a weird year. That won’t stop us from helping out with golf gifts for you and yours.

Golf was a saving grace for many of us in 2020. It was likely the only activity outside of your home that allowed you to gather with friends. To call it therapy is not an understatement. Playing golf, and looking forward to playing golf, helped many of us manage our sanity.

In a normal year, it’s we golfers who give to the game. We buy equipment, we visit golf destinations, we watch golf on TV. This year, golf repaid us in providing a sliver of freedom amid lockdowns.

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It makes sense to give golf swag for Christmas to the golfer in your life. Golf became more than a fun activity with friends this year; it became a lifeline to normalcy. That’s worthy of a celebration with some really cool golf gifts.

GolfLogix Greenbooks

You know when the pros are on the green and looking at their yardage books? You probably think, “Dude, you’re 20 feet away. It’s a putter.”

What you may not know is that the pros have detailed diagrams of every green with every inch marked for speed and break. Pretty cool, right? Wouldn’t it be cool if your home club had these? Well, they do. And you can get one from GolfLogix.

You may know GolfLogix from their GPS-enabled phone app that measures yardages. It’s a great app. I’ve used it extensively. Within the app, they offer a green reading function for a fee. Luckily, the folks at GolfLogix realized golfers don’t like to wander around the green looking at their phones so they created a printed version of the Greenbook.

The full-color booklet looks like a yardage book and fits nicely in your back pocket. With arrows showing direction and heat maps showing speeds, you can now read greens like the pros.

Greenbooks are available for over 14,000 courses, so there’s a good chance your favorite course is on the list. Check out Greenbooks here to get yours and one for a friend.

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MNML Golf Bags

Technology is changing the game of golf. Clubs, apparel, balls, etc.; golf embraces high-tech at every turn.

With GPS apps like GolfLogix, players find they need their phone to be handy during the round. If your course allows you to play music, your phone is also the jukebox. So it makes sense to have a bag that allows easy access.

Enter MNML Golf Bags. They take this trend to the next level.

Would you like an integrated Bluetooth speaker that elegantly attaches to the collar of your bag? Done.

How about an integrated solar charger to make sure your phone and gadgets stay charged during the round? Yep.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a phone caddy that allows you quick access to your phone and doubles as a filming stand so you can record your swing? It’s bonkers, right?

Now put it all together in a microsuede package that is water-resistant, gorgeously understated, and also has a cooler pocket that fits a six-pack.

This is James Bond’s golf bag with a healthy dose of Q’s hidden features and handy gadgets.

It’s highly-functional and comes with personalization options, too. I can’t have one because I have too many golf bags and my wife will kill me (probably justifiably if the case is taken to court) if I get another. But the golfer in your life will go nuts over it.

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Bushnell Wingman

There are Bluetooth speakers and then there is The Bushnell Wingman. Everyone probably has a little speaker for the course. The Wingman puts them all to shame.

I’m not an audiophile, but I can tell you the sound is loud and crystal clear. However, that’s not what makes The Wingman special.

The Bushnell Wingman has integrated GPS that speaks the yardages when you click the removable remote from the top of the unit. Coupled with the Bushnell golf app on your phone, you can hear and see yardages. It’s a great one-two punch that is quick and easy to use.

The Wingman also comes with the BITE magnet so it mounts on the frame of the cart. The magnet is very strong and I’ve never had any issues with it popping off. It puts The Wingman within easy reach to adjust the volume or replace the remote if you don’t want to carry it in your pocket.

Add to this package a 10-hour battery life that doubles as a device charger and you can see why The Bushnell Wingman is making every golf holiday list on the planet.

It deserves recognition.

Get The Bushnell Wingman

G\FORE Golf Shoes

The trend in golf shoes is to take running shoes and add spikes or a spikeless golf tread. I get it. They are comfortable. But maybe you have a traditionalist golfer on your list. Oftentimes traditional shoes like FootJoy DryJoys look good but take years to break in.

G\FORE makes not only the coolest traditional-looking shoes in the game but the comfiest, too. Supple leather, great support, and a pebbled, padded insole that feels like a massage with every step.

They are simply the best, most comfortable, most stylish shoe in golf. The designs range from the ultra-traditional Gallivanter to the Mobster-inspired crocodile wingtips. There are color and style combinations for everyone.

G\FORE also makes sneaker-style soft spike shoes and even a slip-on called the Daytona. I honestly will never buy another brand of golf shoes. They are that good.

Check out their apparel as well, it’s all top of the line. Watch for Bubba Watson sporting their styles on Tour.


Random Golf Club

I try to plumb the depths of the golf lifestyle to bring light to some great brands that maybe everyone doesn’t know about. Random Golf Club is a perfect example.

Created by golfing bon vivant Erik Anders Lang, Random Golf Club is a community and brand that embraces the adventure and spirit of golf. The brand is fun, laid back, irreverent, while still being serious about golf. The former ad exec in me loves to see a brand conceived and executed so well.

Beyond the great content; articles, podcasts, and videos, RGC also makes loads of branded apparel. All of it is top quality, whimsical, understated, and stylish. Everything from bags to stickers. You can find a unique gift at any price point.

Shop Random Golf Club


I’ve been following Swannies for a while and they are about to take the next step in becoming a widely-recognized golf brand. In other words, jump on the bandwagon now.

Swannies is the brand you and your golf friends would start. It’s simple, done with passion, and eschews quantity for quality and subtle design. Swannies is not flashy. They fall into the modern classics category. They have a midwestern sensibility that exudes practicality and enough style to stand out but not stick out.

Swannies offers a subscription box if you want to go the extra mile. Check out their blog as well.

In short, these guys “get it.” Great branding, great style, and a good vibe. Other golf lifestyle brands should take note; this is how you do it.

Shop Swannies

Next. How about an all NFL foursome for The Match 4?. dark

That’s going to do it for me. Check out my previous golf gifts guides (2018) and (2019) for more ideas, they still stand up well.