Predicting where Tiger Woods will play the rest of 2024

Tiger Woods has said he plans to play in at least one tournament a month in 2024. Let's take a look at where he could play the rest of this year.
Tiger Woods - PNC Championship
Tiger Woods - PNC Championship / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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Predicting Tiger Woods' 2024 Schedule: March

The month of March has two tournaments that Woods has regularly competed in throughout his career. The first is the Arnold Palmer Invitational and the second is the Players Championship.

Woods has won both events throughout his career. He has won at Bay Hill 8 times in his career as it is a track he has absolutely dominated at. He has won the Players twice, once in 1999 and again in 2013.

Woods may be tempted to compete at the Players because it does have the reputation as being the "fifth major", although the fact that some of the best players in the world have defected to LIV and can no longer compete in the Players sullies that reputation a bit.

Competing at Bay Hill would likely be better for Woods. It is a course he has done so well at and there is a higher likelihood that he will make the cut there than at the Players. There is a reason only Jack Nicklaus has won the event three times. It is a course that is tough to do well on consistently, so Tiger would be better served to play at Bay Hill to build his confidence.

Predicting Tiger Woods' 2024 Schedule: April

There are no surprises when it comes to where Tiger will tee it up come springtime. If there is only one tournament Tiger could play in every year, it would be the Masters.

As a 5-time recipient of the green jacket, Woods knows Augusta National as well as anyone alive with Phil Mickelson possibly being the lone exception.

Tiger will be doing everything he can to get himself into tournament condition when he walks onto the grounds in April. The Masters is probably the major he has the best chance at winning since we have seen older players compete and contend there for a while.

We do not know how many more times we will get to see Tiger compete at Augusta National, so each time should be cherished.